Aside from the fact that this is fucking hideous, what really bothers me is that you can see her bra (in back) and everything she's wearing (including the bra) is aggressively neutral. Throw in a pop of color with your atrocious wardrobe choices, Kim! » 10/01/14 3:52pm 22 minutes ago

People from Boston do NOT speak like the Kennedys. (I'm not denying there's a regional accent.) The Kennedys have an accent unto themselves. I say this not only as someone who's lived in Boston for decades, but also as someone who has met actual real Kennedys, like in person and everything. » 9/29/14 2:42pm Monday 2:42pm

I finished book 6 in the series a few days ago and, yet again, I was SOBBING. How does D.G. do it?? Freakin' book was 1000 pages long and I had to skim through a third of it because Ugh! but I wept - legit WEPT toward the end of the book.

Taking a deep breath before starting book 7.
» 9/25/14 7:38pm Thursday 7:38pm